Miami-Dade County

Jury selection begins for Miami man accused of attacking detective

Jury selection begins Tuesday for Michael Robertson, the Miami man accused of brutally hurling a cinder block onto the head of a county police detective.

Robertson is charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer for the April 2010 attack on Miami-Dade Detective Carlos Castillo.

Prosecutors say Castillo pulled over Robertson and his girlfriend in April near Little Haiti, and Robertson ran away as he was being patted down.

Robertson returned and hurled a 30-pound cinder block at Castillo’s head as the detective stood outside his car, according to police. Robertson kicked and beat Castillo, then stole the detective’s Dodge Charger and ran him over twice.

Castillo suffered severe brain injuries.

According to detectives, an eyewitness identified Robertson as the attacker. His fingerprint was found on the driver-side door, prosecutors say, and his DNA was also found in the Charger, found abandoned a few blocks from the scene.

Robertson, 36, is the second person to go on trial in recent months for the attempted murder of a Miami-Dade officer.

In May, a jury convicted Willie Barney, 19, of attempted murder for shooting an off-duty detective at point-blank range in the chest during a robbery. The detective survived and identified Barney, who was sentenced to life in prison.