Miami-Dade County

Romney set to visit UM this week

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is heading to the University of Miami on Wednesday, according to his campaign.

The Romney visit will come just three days after a Miami Herald poll showed President Barack Obama’s numbers aren’t where they need to be in Miami-Dade, Florida’s most-populous county, if he wants to carry the Sunshine State.

To win Florida, Obama needs a big lead in Miami-Dade, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by 15 percentage points, 44-29 percent. Obama won Miami-Dade by a 16-point margin in 2008.

A Sunday Miami Herald poll, however, shows Obama is winning Miami-Dade by only 9 percentage points. As of Sunday morning, after the first day of in-person early voting, Democrats narrowly led Republicans in all 153,000 ballots (absentee and in-person) cast in Miami-Dade, 42-40 percent.

Romney’s strategy: Keep Obama from running up big numbers in Southeast Florida, the most liberal region of the state.

Romney is winning in conservative North Florida, and a Tampa Bay Times poll Sunday showed the Republican is carrying the center of the state, nicknamed the I-4 Corridor, 51-45 percent over Obama.

Obama visits the heart of the I-4 Corridor, Orlando, on Monday with former President Bill Clinton. Vice President Joe Biden will visit some areas of the state on Wednesday.

Assuming the schedule holds, Wednesday marks the second time Romney has visited the University of Miami.

Florida is must-win for Romney. Obama, who doesn’t need Florida as badly as Romney, has visited UM three times this year.