Miami-Dade County

Q & A table | Candidates and the issues


What are the top three challenges facing the county?

What’s the solution to the crisis facing Jackson Health System?

Should some departments, such as the airport or seaport, be run as authorities independent of the county?

Do you support the strong-mayor form of government?

Should county commissioners have term limits of eight years?

What is your view on moving the Urban Development Boundary?

Small business owner

Establishing more financial accountability in county government, creating jobs, easing traffic congestion.Change the governance model and re-evaluate how care is provided at the hospital. Yes, they will do better in authorities because they won’t to give in to politics. YesYesThe UDB should not be moved; we need to make a commitment to preserve agriculture in Miami-Dade County.

Roosevelt Bradley

Former Miami-Dade Transit DirectorCreate jobs, restore public trust, improve quality of lifeOperate it as a public, private partnership, emphasizing the private aspect.Oversight should be by people who are elected.YesYesAt this time we should not move the UDB line.

Luther “Luke” Campbell

Music entrepreneur and former 2 Live Crew front-man

Strengthen the economy, change government so it’s working for the people and not the well connected, improve government efficiency.Change the governance structure so all responsibility is vested in one group, rather than current system where both the hospital board and the county commission oversee the hospital.We resort to authorities because we have lost faith in our government; I hope we don’t have to do that.Yes YesThe UDB should stay where it is.

Jose “Pepe” Cancio

Chief executive, Supermix and former Miami-Dade County Commissioner

Reduce the budget deficit, reduce size of government, streamline the process for obtaining permits.There is no simple answer; it has taken years of mismanagement to get to where we are. We should look at a public-private solution. Yes, we should look at operating the airport and seaport as independent authorities. The county commission is ill-equipped to handle such vast complexities.YesYesIt should he handled on a case by case basis, but there is no need to move the UDB any further.


Carlos Gimenez

Former Miami-Dade County Commissioner, former Miami city manager and fire chief

Reduce taxes, reform county government, stimulate job creation.Jackson is in dire need of strong and decisive action; the hospital leadership needs the ability to react swiftly to issues. I would consider a change in governance. No, I do not believe they need to be run as independent authorities.No, I oppose the strong mayor system.Yes, I am committed to getting this on the ballot for voters to consider. Each application should be considered on a case by case basis, but I am opposed to moving the UDB.

Economist, author, entrepreneur

Job growth, improve commerce, correct government spending inefficiencies.We must cut costs, but to do that, we must improve productivity in healthcare delivery, which will lead to profits. Selling it should also be considered. No, I don’t think the county should give up control.YesYesEach application should be considered on a case by case basis.

Jeffrey Lampert

Lieutenant, Miami-Dade County Fire and Rescue Department

Close the budget deficit, fix the transit department, spur the local economy.Remove the county commission as an overseer of the hospital, put in hospital professionals on an oversight board, and reevaluate the relationship with University of Miami and Florida International UniversityYes, they should. The county has time and again demonstrated an inability to manage the airport and seaport. YesYesCompletely against moving the UDB.

Eddie Lewis

Retired law enforcement officer

Create jobs, restore respect from politicians, reduce taxes.Cut administration; and commissioners don’t need to be involved in hospital oversight.Yes, they should.YesYesThe boundary cannot be moved if it interferes with the Everglades or ecology of the county.

Marcelo Llorente

Attorney and former state representative, 2002-10

Growing jobs and economic opportunities, restoring fiscal discipline, ending corruption.The governance and operational structure of Jackson must be overhauled.All options should be evaluated.YesYesI do not support moving the UDB.

Gabrielle Redfern

Condominium management consultant

Improve government management, remake the public transit system, heal the wounds of mistrust with governmentWe must live within our means and we may need to sell Jackson’s North and South hospitals, and focus on the main hospital.Yes, but maybe authority members should be elected.Yes, but I support any form of government that voters want. YesI do not support moving the UDB.


Julio Robaina

Mayor of Hialeah

Reforming the county charter to restore the public’s trust, reining in the county budget, restructuring the county government for greater efficiency.We must act swiftly and transparently; that includes an overhaul of hospital governance and cutting costs, while exploring options like a public-private partnership.No, voters have spoken loudly in favor of a strong mayor who will ensure all government departments are run efficiently. YesYesApplications to move the UDB should be considered on a case by case basis.