Miami-Dade County

Q & A table | Candidates and the issues

What are the top three challenges facing the county? What’s the solution to the crisis facing Jackson Health System? Should some departments, such as the airport or seaport, be run as authorities independent of the county?
Do you support the strong-mayor form of government?
Should county commissioners have term limits of eight years? What is your view on moving the Urban Development Boundary?

Small business owner

Roosevelt Bradley Luther “Luke” Campbell

Music entrepreneur and former 2 Live Crew front-man

Jose “Pepe” Cancio

Chief executive, Supermix and former Miami-Dade County Commissioner


Carlos Gimenez

Former Miami-Dade County Commissioner, former Miami city manager and fire chief

Economist, author, entrepreneur

Jeffrey Lampert

Lieutenant, Miami-Dade County Fire and Rescue Department

Eddie Lewis

Retired law enforcement officer

Marcelo Llorente

Attorney and former state representative, 2002-10

Gabrielle Redfern

Condominium management consultant


Julio Robaina

Mayor of Hialeah