Miami-Dade County

Fumes put 3 firefighters, 1 police officer and a family of 3 in the hospital

Three firefighters and a police officer were taken to the hospital Thursday morning after a 911 call led to seven people falling ill from suspected inhalation of chemical fumes.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Miami-Dade police officers were called shortly before 5 a.m. to an address on Southwest 227th Street and 103rd Court for what seemed to be a “routine medical call,” Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Felipe Lay said.

A family had reported feeling sick in their home, but officers who arrived also reported feeling shortness of breath and general weakness after entering the house, Lay said.

A hazmat team was then summoned to the address, Lay added. “Something didn’t seem right.”

The family — a mother, father and teenager — and the four officers were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, where Lay said they are overall in fine condition and expected to recover.

Two dogs were also taken into custody at a fire station, though Lay said the pets seemed to be unaffected by whatever fumes were in the home.

Neighbor Helen Blanco told reporters outside her home that they had woken up around 5 a.m. and saw the police cars arriving. She said she didn’t noticed any smell or symptoms.

“It was shocking, you see all these cops in your neighborhood,” she said. “Usually it’s a quiet neighborhood.”

“Police said we’re fine,” she added, when asked if she was concerned that the problem might affect her home. “We’re worried for them — they’re nice people.”

The hazmat team is investigating the cause of the fumes and swept the house with meters Thursday morning, Lay said.

“Even though you might smell something, that might not be the cause of the symptoms.”

The investigation could take several hours, Lay added.

Miami Herald staffer Matias Ocner contributed to this report.