Miami-Dade County

Former University of Florida football All-America arrested on felony drug charges

Baltimore Ravens and former University of Florida safety Matt Elam’s mugshot from Sunday.
Baltimore Ravens and former University of Florida safety Matt Elam’s mugshot from Sunday.

Matt Elam, a Baltimore Ravens safety and former University of Florida All-America, got arrested in Miami-Dade on felony drug charges Saturday night.

Elam, 25, was booked into Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Sunday on possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana; possession of marijuana with intent to sell/distribute/manufacture; possession of a controlled substance; and reckless driving, according to Miami-Dade Corrections records. The first three charges are third degree felonies.

Also arrested with Elam around 7:15 p.m. Saturday were Calvin Stewart, 28, for possession of a concealed weapon and resisting an officer without violence; Fritz Narcisse, 22, and Abdud Narcisse, 23, each on misdemeanor marijuana possession charges.

The arrest affidavit from Miami Beach police says officers in an unmarked police car rolling north on Pine Tree Drive near 23rd Street noticed a blue 2014 Range Rover approaching from behind speeding and darting in and out of traffic. After passing the police car on the left, the Range Rover allegedly cut off the unmarked car with an unsignaled lane change, forcing the officer driving to stand on the brakes. The Range Rover continued cutting in and out of traffic at high speed, even after police hit the lights and sirens.

When the Range Rover finally stopped, the approaching officer said he noticed a “big cloud of smoke emitting from inside the vehicle” along with the smell of burning grass (and not the Palm Tree Drive front yard type of grass). The two detectives who opened the rear passenger door saw the Narcisses putting out a marijuana roach while Fritz Narcisse tried to brush excess marijuana buds off his shirt. They got placed into custody.

Police claim Stewart didn’t get out of the passenger seat when asked and appeared to be fussing with his waistband. As an officer helped get Stewart out of the car, a 9mm pistol fell from his waistband. Stewart said he doesn’t have a permit.

Meanwhile, Elam got cuffed for reckless driving. Police say the black Gucci bag on the driver’s side floor contained, among other things, a vacuum-sealed clear plastic bag with 126 grams of marijuana, 3.1 grams of oxycodone pills and $947 cash inside a Beats headphones pouch.

The Palm Beach Gardens native earned Mr. Football and Gatorade High School Player of the Year honors in 2009 playing linebacker, defensive back, wide receiver and running back at Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer High School. He started every game his sophomore and junior seasons at Florida, intercepting four passes and making 11 tackles for loss during his 2012 First Team All-America junior season.

Baltimore made Elam a first round pick in 2013 and he started 15 games as a rookie for the defending Super Bowl champions. That decreased to 11 his second season, then zero in 2015 as he missed the whole season with a torn bicep. He didn’t return until nine games left in the 2016 season.

Because Baltimore decided not to pick up the fifth year of his contract, Elam soon will be a free agent.

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