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A GPS was stolen in a robbery. That wasn’t good news for the suspects.

Keith James was one of three men arrested for Tuesday’s armed robbery of an AT&T store
Keith James was one of three men arrested for Tuesday’s armed robbery of an AT&T store

A GPS led police to three suspects wanted in a robbery. But not just any GPS.

This one was taken in an AT&T store robbery along with other loot. Police set up a dragnet and arrested the three men.

The stolen device’s GPS led Miami-Dade police to Southwest 173rd Street and 117th Court, where they said they found a Nissan Altima with the GPS and 18-year-olds Keith James, Tashedrick Williams and Tyrese Grace. The three were arrested on armed robbery charges.

The saga started just before 9 p.m. Tuesday when three masked men wearing hoodies, black gloves and white socks over their hands entered the AT&T store at 8649 NW 186th St., according to arrest reports.

After the manager, held at gunpoint, gave the trio access to the safe, they began tossing cellphones and electronic devices from the safe into a cardboard box. Among those devices was a decoy managed by a security system that sends a message to a Miami-Dade police dispatcher, then continues to track the device in real time.

That secret tether led police to South Miami-Dade, where police say they saw the Nissan Altima in the 11700 block of Southwest 173rd Street. The Altima raced forward until it crashed. The three suspects jetted off on foot, but were captured after police set up a perimeter.

Police say they found a handgun in the yard where they found James and another handgun in the car, which smelled of marijuana. Reckless driving and hit-and-run charges may be forthcoming.

Also in the car: the store’s cash register and the box with phones — and that GPS.

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