Miami-Dade County

After carjacking, driver hits pole and vehicle bursts into flames

An overnight car crash in Palmetto Bay ended with three men taken to the hospital after police and firefighters put out a fire and removed them from the vehicle.

The car, according to Miami-Dade police, had been involved in an armed carjacking in Miami Gardens late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

The condition of the men wasn’t clear early Monday. Police said all three were in their late teens or early 20s.

Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said that police were not in pursuit of the vehicle.

“There was no chase,” he said.

The vehicle crashed at about 3 a.m. Monday after hitting a pole on U.S. 1 at Southwest 177th Street. The car burst into flames, and police and Miami-Dade firefighters responded.

Zabaleta said police pulled two men out of the car and fire rescue pulled out the driver. The roadway was shut down for several hours. He said supervisors advised officers over the radio of the stolen car but said not to pursue.