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South Florida bartender Dane Majoros of Bourbon St. Pub

Photo: Christina Mendenhall

Whether you’re hitting happy hour, having a classic cocktail before dinner or dancing the night away, these fine professionals can get you shaken and stirred the right way. Originally from various parts of the globe, five local bartenders share their tips and stories from behind the bar.


05. Dane Majoros, 30

Bartender at Bourbon St. Pub in Key West

Behind the bar: 12 years

Home city: Pottsville, PA

Places worked: Pearl’s and Island House All Male Resort in Key West, FL


Tell us how you got your start.

No one that knows me today would believe it, but I was very socially awkward in my youth. I started at 18 as a way to force myself to learn communication skills. Aside from a short time after graduating college, I’ve been bar tending and loving it ever since.


What is the best part of your job?

Hands down my customers. Key West is such a small island that we all really do become one big family here.


Share a tip, trick or trade secret.

Always come with a positive attitude behind the bar. People can grab a drink just about anywhere in Key West. It’s the atmosphere that keeps them coming back to your bar.


What is your most indispensable tool?

At Bourbon St. Pub, my mouth <<insert sly grin emoji here>>.


Chefs often play My Last Supper. What would your last drink be?

I would like to think that I would choose something elegant and tasteful. Unfortunately I know myself better than that. If I’m going out, it’ll be colorful. Probably a straight shot of Jameson. Caskmaker though... I’m expensive.

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