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South Florida bartender Alejandro Juárez of Azucar Night Club

Photo: Christina Mendenhall

Whether you’re hitting happy hour, having a classic cocktail before dinner or dancing the night away, these fine professionals can get you shaken and stirred the right way. Originally from various parts of the globe, five local bartenders share their tips and stories from behind the bar.


04. Alejandro Juárez, 25

Bartender at Azucar Night Club

Behind the bar: 5 years

Nickname: El Español

Home city: Madrid, Spain

Places worked: Ibiza Beach in Ibiza, Spain; Hoy Como Ayer in Miami, FL


Tell us how you got your start.

I love the passion to serve the public. I enjoy making new connections and friends.


Share one crazy story.

I was working and someone ordered a drink, but since the music was too loud I couldn’t hear her and asked her to repeat it again. I got closer and turned my head to hear her better, and she bit my ear.


Chefs often play My Last Supper. What would your last drink be?

Macallan 1965


Share a tip, trick or trade secret.

Remember your clients’ drinks, and always have a smile.


What is your most indispensible tool?

My bottle opener.

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