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South Florida bartender Robert Eldridge of The Broken Shaker

Photo: Christina Mendenhall

Whether you’re hitting happy hour, having a classic cocktail before dinner or dancing the night away, these fine professionals can get you shaken and stirred the right way. Originally from various parts of the globe, five local bartenders share their tips and stories from behind the bar.


02. Robert Eldridge, 31

Bar Manager at The Broken Shaker

Behind the bar: 8 years

Nickname: Bobby

Home city: Miami Beach, FL

Places worked: Empire State South, Fontaine’s Oyster Bar and Front Page News in Atlanta, GA


Tell us how you got your start.

I started working at Ruby Tuesdays while I was in high school in suburban Virginia. I learned some basics and built friendships that brought me to the bar scene in Atlanta.


What is the best part of your job?

Creating and sharing positive experiences, having the opportunity to introduce and share excitement over a new or classic cocktail and, of course, becoming more familiar with new and old products on the market (AKA tastings!).


Share a tip, trick or trade secret.

I am a big fan of modifiers like vermouth and sherry. They add length and complexity to a cocktail. Sherries like manzanilla are also helpful with adding acidity. Please take care and refrigerate your wine-based ingredients though, freshness is key!


What is your most indispensible tool?

I would have to say it would be the Boston shaker.


Chefs often play My Last Supper. What would your last drink be?

I would probably want my last drink to be a glass of Champagne… or a bottle. Champagne is perfect for any occasion; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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