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In Tune: Augusten Burroughs' latest memoir Lust & Wonder

By Gregg Shapiro

The unlikeliest moments often make the most profound impact. Whether through a heartbreaking realization, the chance meeting of a kindred spirit or by always choosing the path less trodden, these exquisite selections will take your mind to unexpected places.


Poetic Misfortunes

Augusten Burroughs’ latest memoir Lust & Wonder (St. Martin’s Press, 2016) is — dare I say it? — his most mature effort to date. Part of that could be due to the fact that after surviving a childhood that was “hijacked by drunks, pedophiles, lunatics and surrealists,” he made it to 50, and he’s done some growing up along the way. His struggle with addiction and sobriety, discussed in detail in Dry, also plays a prominent role in Lust & Wonder. But the heart of this new memoir is about Burroughs’ realization that the man he built his life around does not love him. He comes to this sobering conclusion just as he admits to himself that for years he too has been in love with someone else. The lust and wonder of it all sparkle in this precious jewel of a book.

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