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The Art of Living: What to Read and Watch This Fall

Sebastian Fortino

Dmitry Zhitov

During this frenzied season of shows, exhibits, pop-up events and recitals, take a moment to indulge in the kind of quiet entertainment that opens a window to the sound and fury

of an artistic life.

The After Party

The third installment of Elliot Tiber’s Woodstock trilogy, After Woodstock is a story about love, perseverance and all the unlikely events that make up a lifetime. It is sure to captivate and mesmerize readers both for the tales that unfold and for the intimacy and wry humor with which they are delivered. Tiber, a writer, artist and the pivotal force behind the original Woodstock festival, guides his audience through the slow discovery of his own talent as a writer and the incredible heartache suffered at the loss of so many loved ones to the AIDS epidemic. Not a man to mince words, his retelling of how he eviscerated the artistic crowd at his beloved Andre Ernotte’s memorial service is a particular highlight.

Though he contends Woodstock was the defining moment of his life — as an artist, a person and, ultimately, as a gay man — the narrative is all about what took place after the festival, a retelling of events that will transport readers across continents and through

the decades.

Fit for a Queen

Since it’s initial release, Dmitry Zhitov’s documentary South Beach on Heels garnered quite a buzz at film festivals throughout the world. The film highlights the stories of South Beach drag performers Tiffany Fantasia, Noel Leon, Latrice Royal, Vinna Rouge, TP Lords, Missy Meyakie LePaige, TLo Ivy and Shanaya Bright — all of whom perform regularly at the Palace on Ocean Drive.

Shot over a span of two years, the documentary is divided into chapters that focus on identity, finances, dating and family dynamics. All the performers get the opportunity to reveal various aspects of their lives, including some details they don’t often discuss.

“I first approached Tiffany Fantasia and asked if I could follow her and make a documentary,” says Zhitov. “When she opened the doors to her world of drag and I got a chance to spend some time in the dressing room meeting other entertainers personally, it just happened that more entertainers joined.”

In their documentary debut, Zhitov and business partner Jose Canto — who both reside in downtown Miami — pull off the impressive feat of giving the audience a glimpse behind the curtain that is brutally honest without being invasive. The filmmaker is currently working on his next project, which focuses on homeless LGBT youth.