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Dazzling Pieces to Dress up Your Summer Look

Sole Sastre

Puerto Plata Bow Tie:
Puerto Plata Bow Tie: Beau Ties Ltd.

Go from summer casual to jet-set chic with the help of just a few key accessories. From your perfectly coiffed mane down to your gorgeously manicured peepsies, you don’t need to turn into a gaudy mess to impress. Putting on an inspired selection of thoughtfully chosen pieces can make you look like a million bucks. A chunky ring here. A dazzling bracelet made of mixed materials there. The trace of a mind-bending scent leaving everyone in the room wondering who you are. Adding a few touches to your breezy summer get-up can take you from the beach to the beach-side lounge or make you look like the star of your own private poolside photo shoot. So take your time dressing down this summer. After all, true elegance is rooted in simplicity.