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Claudia Schiffer in Ellen von Unwerth: Fräulein
Claudia Schiffer in Ellen von Unwerth: Fräulein TASCHEN Books

The sun and sultry heat of summer can make temperatures rise quickly. Fortunately, there's plenty of entertainment on hand to draw your attention this season. Indulge at your own risk.

Knock-Out Debut

It’s no surprise that Mortal Kombat X is enjoying the biggest launch in the game’s history. But that’s not the only news coming from the acclaimed fighting franchise. This latest edition also features the addition of a new character: Kung Jin, the first gay member of the game’s deadly cast.

Jin, a thief turned monk, makes subtle references to his sexuality in a flashback scene. “I can’t.... They won’t accept...” Jin trails off before the iconic Raiden interjects, “They care only about what is in your heart; not whom your heart desires.” And for that, we love you Raiden.

A Different View

After a 10-year career in front of the camera, supermodel Ellen von Unwerth decided she much preferred the other side of the lens. Her now famous shoot with Claudia Schiffer turned von Unwerth into an instant celebrity photographer. Other models she has photographed include Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera, to name a few.

Her latest book, Ellen von Unwerth: Fräulein, includes a collection of unpublished images that span the last 15 years. Playful, revealing and sexually charged shots of Kate Moss, Eva Mendes and Dita von Teese, among many other notable names, grace its pages with a sense of reverence, romance and an eye toward erotic feminity — a von Unwerth trademark. The beautiful book is available from TASCHEN Books at

The Show Must Go On

After two years in production, Mika’s latest effort No Place in Heaven was released last month to great acclaim. Reminiscent of classic pop albums of the 1970s — think vintage Elton John — the singer-songwriter’s talents are in full display, but so too is a more confident air about him. 

“Last Party,” one of two tracks available as instant downloads for fans who digitally pre-ordered the album, is a heart-felt ode to the late Freddy Mercury. Starting off as a simple ballad, the song builds up with a poignant optimism that celebrates the beauty of life, however ephemeral that may be.

The upbeat “Talk About You,” also instantly available for digital pre-orders, is a sweet, danceable pop song that’s the album’s lead single. Though not as hard-hitting as “Last Party,” it’s sure to become a summer standard.•