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Holam Antonetti answers Palette Shout Out

Holam Antonetti: Events Owner, Lesbo GoGo
Holam Antonetti: Events Owner, Lesbo GoGo

We Asked: What kind of artist would you like to be and why?

This is a hard one for me. I am torn between actress and dancer. Acting was something I grew up around being that my father was the villain of Venezuelan television, and as a little girl I wanted to be just like him. I love people and the entertainment business. Dancing makes my heart beat; it’s one of those things that cures anything! Although, you can dance alone — and I do it often — it’s so much better when there are others involved. So, my answer would be an actress/ dancer. In the end I guess that would be the reason I created Lesbo GoGo —  events, dancing, people, performers 
and my community all in one!

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