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‘Juliet Among the Changelings’ play depicts young lesbian love story

‘Juliet Among the Changelings,’ an original lesbian-themed play, will be performed in August at Main Street Playhouse, 6766 Main St., Miami Lakes.
‘Juliet Among the Changelings,’ an original lesbian-themed play, will be performed in August at Main Street Playhouse, 6766 Main St., Miami Lakes.

After seeing the lack of LGBT main characters — in particular lesbian characters — in young adult fantasy books, playwright Andie Arthur set out to write a play featuring a lesbian love story set in a fantasy world.

The play she wrote, “Juliet Among the Changelings,” will be performed weekends through Aug. 21 at the Main Street Playhouse, 6766 Main St., in Miami Lakes.

“With this particular play, I was interested in creating a space without men in it. A bunch of the famous young adult novels are so incredibly focused on young women’s experiences focused around men, so I wanted to do something completely focused on women,” Arthur said.

Arthur also said she wanted to create something that conveys the themes of young adult fantasy books, such as “The Hunger Games” or “Harry Potter,” in a way that young women can relate to.

“It’s important for young women to figure out where they want to be in the world and who they look up to,” she said. “It’s also important for young gay women to see themselves. There’s so few opportunities for young straight women to see themselves and so many less opportunities for young lesbians to see themselves.”

“Juliet Among the Changelings” is the first production of Lost Girls Theatre, a company founded by Arthur and Katherine Siegel, who directs the play.

Siegel, who identifies as demisexual (a person only sexually attracted to people with whom they have an emotional bond), is as passionate as Arthur about making the stories of LGBT characters more visible.

“One of the really important things Andie and I talked about when forming the company was representing voices that are underrepresented in literature and society as a whole,” Siegel said. “I think it’s important to be presenting stories about people who are underrepresented because they have every right to see themselves reflected in that world.”

“Juliet Among the Changelings” features an all-female cast and follows the story of Juliet, 17, who was raised by magical beings, and her friend Miranda as the two fall in love and try to find out more about Juliet’s magical background.

“Juliet is a 17-year-old woman who has been raised by magical creatures in rural Ohio and one of the changelings, people who were fairies and came back, that she lives with is figuring out a way for her to go back to fairyland,” Arthur said.

To convey the fantasy theme, the play features puppets and unique scenery.

“We’re playing with some really cool, interesting visuals that I’m really excited about, such as shadow puppets,” Siegel said.

After “Juliet and the Changelings,” Lost Girls Theatre hopes to present more plays empowering female LBT characters along with continuing its play reading series at the Deering Estate.

“It’s really just a show that has real-life experiences with magical touches,” said Diana Garle, who plays Miranda in the show.

Both Arthur and Siegel will be present at every performance to answer any questions the audience may have about the play.

If you go

▪ What: “Juliet Among the Changelings”

▪ When: 8 p.m., Aug. 12; 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., Aug. 13; 8 p.m., Aug. 14; 8 p.m., Aug. 18; 8 p.m., Aug. 19; and 8 p.m., Aug. 21

▪ Where: Main Street Playhouse, 6766 Main St.

▪ Cost: $20 per ticket

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