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Country music stars Ty Herndon, Billy Gilman each come out as gay (with Gilman YouTube video)

Billy Gilman
Billy Gilman Via Twitter

Hours after country music star Ty Herndon told People magazine he is “an out, proud and happy gay man,” another country sensation on Thursday released his own YouTube video with a similar announcement.

Billy Gilman nervously says in the video that Herndon inspired him to come out, too.

“Congratulations on such a courageous effort,” says Gilman, who has a partner of five months, “someone who I am happily now sharing my life with.”

In 2000, at the age of 11, Gilman debuted with the single One Voice, which became a top 20 hit on the Billboard country charts.

Gilman says in his coming-out video that country music execs today are extremely uncomfortable signing openly gay performers. “After having sold over five million records, having a wonderful life in the music industry, I knew something was wrong when no major label wanted to sit down and have a meeting and listen to the new stuff.”

Gilman’s video, My Story, already has about 170,000 views. His twitter reaction: “Absolutely humbled.”