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LGBT film ‘In the Grayscale’ opens Friday in Miami, Fort Lauderdale

From the film ‘In the Grayscale’
From the film ‘In the Grayscale’

The Ibero-American film In the Grayscale opens Friday night at Cinema Paradiso-Fort Lauderdale ( and Miami Dade College's Tower Theater in Miami (

In the Grayscale is about a successful architect, married to a woman, who falls for a male guide while working on a project in Santiago, Chile.

The movie won the Ibero-American First Feature Award at the 2015 Miami International Film Festival.

Here’s the news release:


Directed by Claudio Marcone, IN THE GRAYSCALE won the Ibero-American First Feature Award at this year's Miami International Film Festival and will open at Cinema Paradiso-Fort Lauderdale and MDC's Tower Theater in Miami this Friday, September 18.

The story follows Bruno, a 35 year-old architect (charismatic star Francisoc Celhay) in the modern city of Santiago, Chile. He has what looks like a perfect life: he is married, he has a son, a nice house, a nice car, and his own firm. But, Bruno also has a deep sense of unease. As the story begins, he has decided to move out of his home and live alone for a while in grandfather's old workshop that is seldom used anymore.

When a businessman hires him with the goal of building an iconic landmark, he is assigned a guide who will lead him through Santiago’s complex history and lesser known urban spaces. He finds himself steadily drawn to the openly gay Fernando (an utterly natural Emilio Edwards) as the city and the history of Chile itself, become characters in the push and pull of their developing relationship. Bruno must eventually face some challenging decisions about his own identity, his relationship with his wife and young son, as he also struggles to complete his project.

Offering no easy answers, this tenderly told tale of sexual discovery is a beautifully realized portrayal of two men discovering one another.

Variety reviewed the film as “A crackling erotic charge"…the two terrific leads play the push-pull-retreat dynamic of this tender but tenuous relationship with intelligence and an intuitive sense of physical connection."

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Skype Q&A

‘In The Grayscale’ director Claudio Marcone will conduct a Skype Q&A from Chile on Sunday for the 5:30 p.m. show at the Fort Lauderdale Cinema Paradiso.