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Palm Beach County Human Rights Council issues fall 2014 voter guide

Palm Beach County Human Rights Council
Palm Beach County Human Rights Council

The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, established in 1988 to help end “discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression,” has issued recommendations in the upcoming 2014 general election:

Here’s the complete PBCHRC voter guide.

Scroll down to see the PBCHRC Voters Alliance endorsements for the November 4, 2014 General Election


Palm Beach County voters may participate In Early Voting from October 20 through November 2, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


To find an early voting site near you, click here.

To request an absentee ballot to be sent to your voter registration address, call the Supervisor of Elections at (561) 656-6200 or click here, fill out -- and sign --the form and submit it online.

To have your absentee ballots sent somewhere other than your voter registration address, print up the form by clicking here. When you get to the page, scroll down until you see the paragraph in red letters. The last two works "click here" are in purple. Click there, print up, complete and sign the form. Scan the form and e-mail it to as an attachment. The form can also be sent by fax to (561) 656-6287 or mailed to:

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections

P.O. Box 22309

West Palm Beach, Florida 33416-2309

When voting by absentee ballot, please remember to sign the Voter's Certificate Envelope -- otherwise your vote will NOT be counted!

To track the status of your vote by mail ballot request from the time you submit it until the voted ballot is returned to the Office of the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, go to the free Online Ballot tracking system by clicking here and following the easy directions.

If you forgot to sign your absentee ballot and you have sent it in, the "track my ballot" site (click here) will show that your ballot has been rejected due to the lack of a signature. You can "cure" this by downloading and completing the affidavit on the web site and sending it with a copy of your picture/signature ID to the Supervisor of Elections by one of the methods shown above. Your ballot will be counted as long as all of the information is received by 5:00 p.m. on November 3, 2014.

If you have any other questions about absentee voting, please call the Supervisor of Elections at (561) 656-6200.


PBCHRC Voters Alliance Endorsements for the November 4, 2014 General Election

Please note that we have not made endorsements in every race and not all of the listed candidates will appear on your ballot

▪ U.S. Congressman (Dist. 18) - Patrick Murphy (Dem.)

▪ U.S. Congressman (Dist. 20) - Alcee Hastings (Dem.)

▪ U.S. Congressman (Dist. 21) - Ted Deutch (Dem.)

▪ U.S. Congresswoman (Dist. 22) - Lois Frankel (Dem.)

▪ Governor - Charlie Crist (Dem.)

▪ Attorney General - George Sheldon (Dem.)

▪ Chief Financial Office - Co-Endorsement

Vote for one candidate, not both.

Jeff Atwater (Rep.) OR Will Rankin (Dem.)

▪ State Senator (Dist. 34) - Ellyn Bogdanoff (Rep.)

▪ State Representative (Dist. 82) - Mary W. Higgins (Dem.)

▪ State Representative (Dist. 86) - Mark Pafford (Dem.)

▪ State Representative (Dist. 88) - Bobby Powell (Dem.)

▪ State Representative (Dist. 89) - Bill Hager (Rep.)

▪ School Board Member (Dist.4) - Erica Whitfield

▪ County Commissioner (Dist.4) - Co-Endorsement

Vote for one candidate, not both.

Steven Abrams (Rep.) OR Andy O'Brien (Dem.)

▪ County Commissioner (Dist. 6) - Melissa McKinlay (Dem.)

▪ Port Commissioner (Group 5) - Peyton McArthur (Dem.)

▪ Soil & Water Conservation Bd. (Group 5) - Karl Dickey (Lib.)

On the ballot initiatives, please vote as follows:

▪ Amendment 1 - Water & Land Conservation Initiative - YES

▪ Amendment 2 - Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative - YES

▪ Amendment 3 - Prospective Judicial Vacancies - NO

▪ Countywide Question 1 - Children's Services Council - YES

▪ Countywide Question 2 - Ad Velorem Levy for School Operational Needs - YES

To learn more about the candidates, please click on their names


This paid electioneering communication, which is independent of any party, candidate or committee, is produced, sponsored and paid for by the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Voters Alliance, Post Office Box 267, West Palm Beach, Florida 33402. (561) 358-0105