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Miami-based Coming Out Cuba releases short video featuring ‘ambassador’ Miss Athena Dion

Coming Out Cuba
Coming Out Cuba Via Instagram

A new Miami-based LGBT group, Coming Out Cuba, is picking up steam via social networking.

Since mid May, the group has had more than 2,600 Facebook likes and has more than 1,400 Instagram followers. Its mission, posted on Facebook: “Coming Out Cuba - The National Cuban American LGBT Organization will organize, activate, and engage a united Cuban-American LGBT community by restoring and building the gay Cuban culture and mobilize human and financial resources to care for those in need in the USA, Cuba and around the world.”

On Thursday, Coming Out Cuba posted a welcome video on its YouTube channel: “ComingOutCuba Organization and Lomlplex studios presents - Miss Athena Dion for Coming Out Cuba ambassadors.”

“Coming Out Cuba: To reveal the gay Cuban culture ... and to build a new one,” Dion says in the video.

More to come.