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Log Cabin Republicans: Can GOP gays win gay South Florida again for Rick Scott?

Log Cabin Republicans

An op-ed from Matt Chen of the Broward Republican Executive Committee:

Early voting will begin next week. By Election Day one would presume the demonized homophobic and racist Rick Scott will end up with 95% of the substantial South Florida Gay vote going to Democrat Charlie Crist.

Not so, my friends.

Sure that's hard to understand when the Florida Agenda perpetually portrays the GOP as virulently and violently homophobic. But Gay Democrats have routinely been stunned to find out that 25-35% of Gay voters routinely vote Republican, according to exit polling.

Let's have a reality break about both the GOP and Rick Scott.

First of all, Ronald Reagan garnered 40+ percent of the GLBT vote in his two landslides, so did his successor, George H.W. Bush. In 1994, the Gingrich Revolution that captured the Senate, US House and 32 GOP Governorships netted 42% of the GLBT vote, according to the New York Times exiting polling.

Those numbers and and exit polling during this century of self-identified Gay voters suggest that there are over a million American Gays who almost routinely vote Republican.

In fact, the Broward Republican Party is an example of how most metropolitan GOP's have become much more open to Gays in their ranks. During this young century, the Lauderdale Beach Republican Club, the Broward Republican Women's Club, and the Broward Young Republicans have elected openly-partnered Gays as their Club President.

In 2012, conservative Gay blogger and Broward Young Republican President, Nicholas Stone, was presented with the "Young Republican Volunteer of the Year Award" at the prestigious Ft. Lauderdale Lincoln Day Dinner. Yet another Gay man was selected for the "2012 Broward GOP Volunteer of the Year Award". The ballroom was packed with applauding Republicans, many who support Gay marriage.

Last month, Mimi Planas, the President of the Log Cabin Republicans Miami Chapter, was selected for the "2014 Most Active GOP Club President Award", after spectacularly organizing and sponsoring a large public policy summit with Governor Rick Scott's Office.

Ms. Planas, who just took her same-sex wedding vows in New Mexico last week, has produced a popular GOP-TV video as a spokesperson for small government Gay conservatives that was distributed to over 85,000 statewide Republicans and state media. She has also garnered regular coverage from the Miami Herald, South Florida's Gay newspapers, and the Pink News of London -- "the largest GLBT paper in Europe" for endorsing the reelection of Governor Rick Scott.

And Ms. Planas, who was joined by the Log Cabin Republicans of Florida in endorsing Rick Scott's job creation record, is forthright in her views that Scott has brought many corporations to Florida and created 640,000 new jobs. That's one of the very highest drops in state unemployment in the entire country.

Granted, our state needs another 640,000, but most economic prognosticators see Florida as doing just that if Scott is reelected. This is good for all homeowners and businesses, and that certainly includes the critical Gay community! But the best is yet to come.

As for Gay marriage, the deed is done. Gays won. When the Log Cabin Republicans won their case in the California Supreme Court that overturned the Golden State's ban on same-sex marriage, with George W. Bush's former Solicitor General, Ted Olsen, representing LCR. The right-wing Olsen won in the subsequent historical US Supreme Court, a decision that set in motion federal judges, including GOP appointees, to shoot down all state appeals.

Pam Bondi's appeal is purely a function of her Oath of Office, but the appeal will be declared unconstitutional and echo the USSC decision. Attorney general Bondi knows this, accepts this, and is not remotely fighting hard at all to win the appeal to uphold the Florida ban on Gay marriage.

Rather, Pam Bondi should be judged by Gay voters for her nationally recognized leadership in effectively obliterating Florida's once flourishing pill mills; in addition to her putting the big heat on human traffickers.Moreover, she certainly is a major force in bringing Florida's once horrific crime rate down to a 40 year low.

It would seem that Gays of every age would appreciate the safer streets at night, rising home values, much lower state tuition, and the $1.2 billion state surplus Rick Scott created in place of the $3.8 billion state deficit he inherited in 2010.

Let me close, folks, by saying that Lisa Keen, who runs a respected Gay News Service, funded a Florida university study following the 2010 mid-term elections that produced a Tea Party-propelled Governor Rick Scott, as well as a US Senator Marco Rubio and US Congressman Allen West.

That study, which was reported on in the Spring of 2011 by the South Florida Gay News, determined that the South Florida Tri-County GLBT vote went almost 50% Republican and eclipsed the GLBT Democratic vote. Keen noted that the South Florida GLBT Republican vote was the highest of any large Gay urban population center in the whole country.

Obviously, there are far more Republican-voting Gays than the hyper-leftist Gay media wants their readers to believe.

Why? The Gay GOP can attract a combined 20-40% of the remaining Gay Democrats and the Independents during a good Republican year. Most election models forecast favorable election results for the GOP, which benefits from Charlie Crist's approval rating dropping 22 percent since January.

Florida Gay voters deserve legal matrimony, and they will likely be celebrating it sometime next year when our ban is shot down for good. But Florida Gay voters also need rewarding careers, safer streets, and successful Gay-owned businesses.

In that sense, Rick Scott is the better choice for Governor.

Whether or not the Gay press will stop keeping their readers in the Dark Ages by constantly conjuring up spooky hate-filled images of legions of heartless GOP homophobes and demented Gay Republicans, those bogus, anti-GOP malicious attacks do not stand up to scrutiny.

The GOP Governor will likely get somewhere near his impressive 2010 Florida gay vote and be reelected, much to the predictable, albeit anguished astonishment of the Gay media and the Dolphin Democrats.