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Italian singer who performed at Miami Beach Gay Pride releases Pulse-inspired album

Italian pop music star Osvaldo Supino, left, and Miami-based filmmaker Dmitry Zhitov at Miami Beach Gay Pride in 2016.
Italian pop music star Osvaldo Supino, left, and Miami-based filmmaker Dmitry Zhitov at Miami Beach Gay Pride in 2016. Miami Herald File

Last June, the world was stunned as 49 men and women were shot to death inside the Pulse LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando.

Italian pop music star Osvaldo Supino, who had just finished a quick tour of Florida including performances in April at 2016 Miami Beach Gay Pride, said the mass shooting —the worst in U.S. history —left him “terrorized” and sent him back to the recording studio.

His third album, “Resolution,” came out April 11 and is now available on leading digital music services such as Amazon and iTunes. Tracks include the title song, “Till the Wheels Fall Off” and “Nothing is the Same.”

The “Nothing is the Same” music video has already had more than 35,000 YouTube views.

“Everything behind the story is inspired by what happened in Orlando last year,” Supino said during a recent return trip to Miami, where he and South Florida filmmaker Dmitry Zhitov collaborated on a soon-to-be released music video.

Supino, a gay man from Milan, said the Pulse shooting was shocking to him “because it happened in a place that I know, it’s the kind of place I go to to have fun. Where I go to work.”

The shooting nearly caused Supino “to cancel all the dates of my tour because I was so scared.”

Then he pulled himself together. “I said, ‘No, it can’t be like this. We have a limited time to stay on Earth and we need achieve something good.’ I said, ‘OK, this album is going to be real.’ I’m talking about the reality, but with a positive aspect.”

Supino, who began his singing career 10 years ago with a MySpace page, says “music has always been a therapy to know myself.

“Now that I’m growing up, it’s funny that I see in the songs I choose, exactly what’s going on,” says Supino, 31.

Supino describes his original image as “very different” than it is today.

“Too much makeup, crazy hair, very Gaga,” he says. “But I’ve always been very true with my music. Very honest. If you listen to all my songs, you can know exactly what happens in my life. From loves to breakups, problems and resolution, as well.”

He’s also comfortable as an out performer.

“I can’t sing something that’s not myself,” he says. “The lyrics in the music, I have to be myself.”

His fans are very supportive. “At first, it was probably exciting to follow a gay singer, but I’m keeping everything very simple, as I am.”

Supino says he’s followed by “girls, gays and straight boys, too.”

“I have so many naked girls in my videos,” he says, “they like that.”

In last year’s Miami-made music video, “Infinity” co-starring South Florida model Luis Angel and directed by Zhitov, there’s nudity — but it’s all male.

“I love his open mind,” Zhitov says of Supino. “He didn’t want [the video] to be so gay. I was ‘Fine.’ I was like, ‘Go to the shower’ and I pushed the model Luis to the shower. ‘Let’s have a shower scene.’ ‘Let’s have a bed scene.’ ‘Let’s get naked.’ And he did everything. It’s in the video. Nude and everything. He wasn’t shy. He was open about it.”

In 2016, Zhitov also directed a concert video of Supino performing at Miami Beach Gay Pride.

Says Zhitov: “He believes in the process, he believed in me and he gave me the power to create.”