Florida Keys

2 Miami men accused of sucking credit card info from gas pumps

Alberto Fombellida-Manso
Alberto Fombellida-Manso

Two Miami men were arrested early Sunday after police say they were found putting a credit card skimming device on a Keys gas station pump, police said.

At about 3 a.m., a Monroe County sheriff’s sergeant on patrol saw a car parked at a Valero gas station in Marathon — although the station was closed and all lights were off. When he pulled up behind the car, he noticed the car’s license tag was bent and could not be read.

The sergeant then stopped the car as it began to pull away from the pumps. Both men in the car, Alberto Fombellida-Manso, 31, and Pavel Morejon-Martinez, 31, were held in a patrol car until backup officers and the gas station owners arrived.

Deputies then opened and inspected all of the gas station pumps. A credit card skimming device was found installed inside the pump closest to where the men’s car had been parked. The two men were taken out of the patrol car, and a second skimming device was found shoved down into the back seat where one of them had been sitting.

Both men were arrested on charges of using a credit card skimming device to commit fraud and loitering. Fombellida-Manso was also charged with tampering with evidence.

Fombellida-Manso is being held in the Monroe County Jail on a $21,000 bond and Morejon-Martinez is being held on an $11,000 bond.

Thursday, Miami Beach Police discovered a credit card skimmer at a gas station on Alton Rd. Security footage from the day before showed two unidentified men putting the skimmer in place. Anyone with information is urged to contact Miami Dade Crime