Florida Keys

He threatened to kill a Keys couple and ran off, cops say. But first, some pulled pork

Alexander Sardinas
Alexander Sardinas

A Tavernier man broke into a house, threatened to kill its occupants and then took a pulled pork sandwich and a Gatorade drink from the refrigerator before running off into the woods, deputies say.

Alexander Sardinas, 35, was booked into Key West jail on a $165,000 bond on charges of burglary, simple assault and petit theft, according to a Monroe County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

Sardinas broke into the house on West Indies Road around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, prying the door open with a pocket knife, Deputy Jamie Miller wrote in his report.

The victims told deputies Sardinas lived at the house for a time but was told months ago not to come back. One of the victims was home when Sardinas entered the house. She told deputies Sardinas was angry and said he was going to kill her and her boyfriend because they kicked him out.

The boyfriend told deputies he had not seen Sardinas in months.

Deputies arrested Sardinas around 1 p.m. when they saw him walking down Harry Harris Drive, also in Tavernier.