Florida Keys

He's accused of domestic violence. Cops say he used his ex's vehicle and a gravel road.

Jerome Lee Fenner
Jerome Lee Fenner

A Florida man with robbery and violence in his past stole his ex-girlfriend's truck, then dragged her down a gravel road early Sunday, cops say.

And when Monroe County sheriff's Deputy Jonathan Lane stopped Jerome Lee Fenner, 40, around U.S. 1 and Middle Torch Road, the agency said, "Fenner appeared drunk. He smelled of alcohol. He failed field sobriety exercises."

Fenner has a DUI charge to go with knowingly driving with a suspended license and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The Summerland Key man remains in Monroe County Jail.

This will be Fenner's first engagement with Monroe County Circuit Court. He was a regular in the Virginia Beach (Va.) Circuit Court, where he pleaded guilty to abduction and kidnapping, assault and battery and breaking and entering.

In Florida, Fenner did a year in prison for burglary and theft. The most recent of Fenner's numerous appearances in Duval County's criminal and traffic courts was a 2017 domestic violence case. The charges wound up dropped, but in the arrest report, Fenner's girlfriend of nine years told police that Fenner "becomes violent when he's drunk."

Fenner's Keys ex-girlfriend told police she was watching a movie late Saturday night when Fenner walked in, punched her in the head and took the keys to her vehicle.

She followed Fenner out to her vehicle, she said, and when he jumped in the driver's side, she opened the passenger door. But before she could get in the shotgun seat to stop him from driving off, he drove off down the gravel road with her hanging onto the passenger door.

She eventually let loose, she told police, only to see Fenner swing her vehicle around and come at her. After evading her own vehicle, she called 911.

"The woman suffered road rash and abrasions to the palms of both hands, both elbows as well as both of her knees," the Monroe sheriff's office said.

She declined to be taken to a hospital.