Florida Keys

He beat a girlfriend, threatened to kill black inmates, then made more trouble, cops say


A Lower Keys man battered his girlfriend — then, in front of police officers, threatened to kill her as he spewed racial slurs, according to an arrest report.

Paul C. Wilson, 50, was arrested Monday after police said he drunkenly crashed his truck on Big Coppitt Key and left the scene. Wilson ran through a yard and swam across a canal, a witness said.

Wilson, who is white, later threatened to kill black inmates at the Stock Island Detention Center and tried to bite a deputy, police said.

He screamed at deputies that he has a long rap sheet and has killed before.

"I will kill me some [racial slur] in here," Wilson reportedly said.

"At that point, he tried to bite me," Deputy Ken Fricke wrote.

Wilson's girlfriend told police that while at 48 Palmetto Dr., near mile marker 10.5, Wilson became aggressive with her and would not stop yelling.

"She said she woke up on the garage floor with blood on the back of her head and Wilson standing over her yelling and screaming," according to reports.

The victim said she had no idea what Wilson hit her with but that she lost consciousness. She was taken to the hospital for sutures.

Wilson, who smelled strongly of alcohol, was arrested on charges of felony aggravated battery, DUI, hit and run, resisting arrest and felony obstruction of justice for allegedly saying he would kill his girlfriend when he got out of jail while referring to her as "that [racial slur] b----."

On Tuesday, Wilson remained locked up at the jail on $55,000 bond.