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While a couple was away, this woman squatted in their home and sold their cars, cops say

Angela Sloan
Angela Sloan

A Key Largo woman squatted at a couple's home and sold four of their vehicles while they were away, police say.

Angela Sloan, 43, faces four counts of grand theft, two counts of fraud, one count of dealing in stolen property and one misdemeanor larceny count. Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested her Thursday.

While living at the Hibiscus Lane house, Sloan used the driver's license of the woman living there, who was not at home because she was receiving hospice care. Sloan sold the vehicles to Al's Wrecker Service in Key Largo on May 4 using the fraudulent license, Deputy Gil Gonzalez wrote in his report.

Ronald Peterson, noticed his vehicles in the lot of Al's after he drove south into Key Largo over the Jewfish Creek Bridge on May 16, Gonzalez wrote.

Peterson called Al's owner, Craig Haberdeau, and asked him why the vehicles — three vans and a Saturn car — were in his lot, and he told him the woman of the house called him and said she had several cars she wanted to get rid of, according to Gonzalez's report.

When Haberdeau arrived at the house, Sloan showed her the license and titles for two of the vans. He paid her $50 each for the vehicles with titles and $25 each for the ones without titles, according to the arrest report.

After Peterson spoke with Haberdeau, Haberdeau told him to call the police and he'd assist in their investigation. He was able to identify Sloan from a photo lineup, according to Gonzalez.

As of Friday, Sloan was in county jail on Stock Island with no bond information available.