Florida Keys

Key West man accused of hitting pregnant woman. He was supposed to stay away from her.

Amado Cabrera
Amado Cabrera

Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested a man Sunday who they say repeatedly punched a pregnant woman, including once in the stomach.

Amado Cabrera, 33, is in Key West jail on a felony aggravated battery charge on a pregnant victim and contempt for violating a domestic protection order.

The victim, who is eight months pregnant, received a text from Cabrera Sunday night asking to see his children. The woman went to the Water's Edge Colony Motor Home Park on Stock Island, where he reportedly slapped her in the face and then punched her several times.

Deputies went to her home and stated in their reports that she had a cut lip and bruises on her chest and collarbone, as well as a missing toenail, said Adam Linhardt, Sheriff's Office spokesman.