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A woman got so many harassing texts, cops say they couldn't count them all

Craig Sickles
Craig Sickles

Monroe County sheriff's deputies say a Marathon man sent a women so many text messages that they could not count all of them when they arrested him Wednesday on a cyberstalking and harassment charge.

Deputies say the woman filed a restraining order against 46-year-old Craig Michael Sickles on April 18, but that didn't stop him from sending her hundreds of text messages and phone calls since then. Several of these calls and texts were sexually graphic, said sheriff's spokesman Adam Linhardt.

Sickles told the victim that he posted explicit photos of her on social media, LInhardt said. According to Detective Vincent Torres' arrest report, Sickles wrote to her several threatening messages, including an April 26 text stating, "I'm making sure everyone on this god dam (sic) island knows you."

He made so many attempts to contact the woman that "detectives were unable to ascertain an actual count of contacts due to the vast amount," Linhardt said.

The victim told deputies she was forced to delete all her social media accounts and change her phone number.

Deputies arrested Sickles on May 20 for violating the restraining order after he drove by her residence and texted her again, but he was released on bond that same day.

Torres wrote in his report that while he interviewed the woman this week, she was "extremely upset, crying and shaking." While Torres waited for a judge to sign an arrest warrant, Sickles made several more attempts to contact the woman, according to the report. .

Sickles was taken to county jail in Stock Island on $50,000 bond.