Florida Keys

A man posing as an FHP trooper calls 911 for backup. Now he’s in jail.

Timothy True
Timothy True

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper responding to back up a brother in blue saying he needed help at a Key Largo gas station Thursday morning discovered the man wasn’t a lieutenant for the agency like he told a 911 dispatcher.

Turns out he’s a tow truck driver who was fighting with another man over a fuel pump.

Now Timothy True, 38, faces a felony charge of impersonating a law enforcement officer after police say he stated repeatedly he was with the FHP. And he’s out of a job at All American Towing, where he worked for about a month, said Melissa Norman, one of the owners.

“He was on his way out anyway,” she said.

True, of Tavernier, was in the Monroe County jail Friday with no bond allowed.

Norman added that she, too, heard True say several time over the course of his employment with All American that he was with the FHP.

“We knew he was full of crap,” she said.

According to an FHP arrest report, dispatch received a call around 9 a.m. from a Lt. Tim True saying he needed assistance and that he’d been assaulted by a man with whom he’d been arguing over a spot at a fuel pump at the Marathon Gas station at mile marker 98. By the time the trooper arrived, a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy told him the dispute was over and True was gone.

The trooper called All American Towing, and was told True was on his way back to the mile marker 100.8 office. The trooper went to the business and questioned True, who “in a spontaneous utterance” while discussing what happened at the gas station, said he was a lieutenant with the FHP.

True told the trooper he’d been with the FHP for 21 years. The trooper asked True where his law enforcement credentials were and True said they were inside his locker at the FHP’s Marathon station.

The trooper arrested True and took him to the county jail at Plantation Key. The trooper stated in his report that True continued to say he was an FHP lieutenant even after being read his Miranda rights.

Lt. Kathleen McKinney, FHP sub-district commander for the Keys, confirmed True “has no association” with the agency.

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