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Very drunk UF student body president-elect arrested in Key West

William Smith Meyers
William Smith Meyers

The University of Florida’s student body president-elect was jailed early Tuesday after police said he drunkenly pushed over two Harley-Davidson motorcycles that were parked in Key West.

William Smith Meyers, 22, a UF food and resource economics senior and until recenlty Student Senate president, told police people did not know how to ride bicycles in Key West and made no sense due to being very drunk, according to the arresting officer. Meyers said he just wanted to go home.

Meyers, who goes by Smith Meyers on campus, “was so intoxicated that he did not even recall coming down to Key West for spring break vacation,” Officer Nicholas Galbo wrote.

The Alligator, UF’s student paper, reported Wednesday that Meyers had been arrested while in Key West, where Tuesday — 10 hours after his arrest — he posted a $328 bond to leave the Stock Island Detention Center.

Meyers won the student government role last month after running unopposed under the tagline “Character that counts.” His one-year term is set to begin in April.

A resident early Tuesday morning called 911 after going outside to investigate loud noises only to find Meyers shoving parked scooters and motorcycles to the pavement in the 400 block of William Street, police said.

Meyers got on several of the motorbikes but when he could not get them started he “became upset and pushed them over,” the resident said.

Two black Harley-Davidsons had scratches on the right-side handlebars and one belonging to a Michigan man also had fresh scratches on its saddlebag. The other bike was owned by an Ohio man.

Galbo left his business card on each bike in an effort to reach the owners and arrested Meyers on suspicion of misdemeanor criminal damage between $200 and $1,000.

The police report didn’t say where he goes to college but his address in his jail booking information is listed as Gainesville. He gave police a Tampa home address.

On Wednesday, after FLKeysNews.com published the story, UF students and others began tweeting about the arrest.

“Go Gators,” Mike Wuest tweeted.

The student body president represents more than 52,000 students at the University of Florida and is the only student member on the UF Board of Trustees.

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