Florida Keys

A woman’s hot pizza came from a hot credit card, cops say

Michelle Moser’s mugshot after being arrested for credit card fraud.
Michelle Moser’s mugshot after being arrested for credit card fraud.

A Keys woman was arrested on credit card fraud charges after deputies traced a pizza delivery to her door, according to the Monroe Sheriff’s Office.

Michelle Moser, 40, was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card and use or possession of another person’s identification without his or her consent.

Moser’s online arrest record lists her occupation as “dancer,” but the sheriff’s office says she also works at a Key Largo restaurant. The person whose credit card ordered the pizza ordered online from Moser’s employer. Shortly afterward, the card’s owner was notified that her card’s number made a second stop that night, at a pizza restaurant.

Upon finding out the pizza went to a home on LaPaloma Road in Key Largo, the woman gave that information to deputies.

The sheriff’s office said the deputy who went to Moser’s employer saw a video of Moser taking the woman’s order and grabbing the printed out credit card information. Instead of blacking out the information, according to restaurant procedure the deputy reported, Moser seemed to take a picture of the printout.

Shortly after taking that photo, the sheriff’s office says, Moser ordered pizza. She didn’t leave a paper trail, but rather an easily followed mozzerella trail.

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