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He punched his wife, while she held 2 kids, for hiding his work pants, cops say

Vazquez was booked into the Monroe County Stock Island Detention Center.
Vazquez was booked into the Monroe County Stock Island Detention Center. Keynoter

A Key West man punched his wife in the face several times as she held their infant and toddler in her arms, according to a police arrest report.

Christopher Vazquez, 28, was jailed Saturday on suspicion of misdemeanor battery after police were called to a New Town home for a report of a delayed battery.

“I’d right-hook you and I’d do it 100 times more if you ever do that to my daughters again,” Vazquez later texted his wife, police said.

Vazquez’s wife said he hit her in the face as she was trying to leave their Staples Avenue home early Jan. 26 but Vazquez said his wife started the argument by hiding his work pants on purpose and then he saw her not properly putting their 4-month-old daughter in a car seat.

Vazquez said he saw his daughter’s head rocking back and forth as his wife was leaving, wrote Officer Antonio Ane, who then asked why the father didn’t call police immediately.

“He said he did not trust the police because they have never helped him in the past,” Ane wrote.

Vazquez also said his wife attacked him first and has in the past. While police didn’t notice bruising on the wife’s face, they noticed a bruise the size of a golf ball inside of her right arm.

The woman said she picked up her baby in a car seat and then picked up the 1.5-year-old daughter in her arm when Vazquez hit her, police reported.

Vazquez appeared “excited” while talking to police about the alleged battery, police noted, and he brought up many past instances.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen