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Motorcycle crash seriously injures Keys budget chief

Tina Boan, Monroe County’s Budget and Finance Director, is recovering from serious injuries suffered in the Sept. 18 Key West crash.
Tina Boan, Monroe County’s Budget and Finance Director, is recovering from serious injuries suffered in the Sept. 18 Key West crash.

A 29-year-old Key West man with a thick history of traffic violations was jailed on charges of reckless driving for the Sept. 18 motorcycle crash near the city cemetery that left his passenger — Monroe County’s budget director —critically injured.

Vincent Gray Scardina, a roofer, was arrested Wednesday after police said he was speeding on his 2006 Suzuki motorcycle when he lost control and dumped the bike in the 2 a.m. crash on Windsor Lane.

“He nearly hit my group from around the corner,” Bryan Obando told police, according to the arrest report, of the crash he and three friends heard as they rode long boards on Passover Lane near the cemetery that morning.

The skateboarders estimated Scardina was going 50 to 60 mph when the motorcycle appeared coming at them and passed by “within inches of us,” one said, on the narrow street that becomes Windsor Lane, according to reports.

Scardina was “begging me not to say he was driving,” Obando said, of the stranger he watched picking up his bike while his passenger, Tina Boan, was lying on her back motionless with a bloody face.

Obando called police, who said Scardina blamed the crash on loose gravel, which they couldn’t find near the crash.

Boan, Monroe County’s senior director of budget and finance, was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, while Scardina, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, was treated and released from Lower Keys Medical Center.

Boan is healing up from the crash and plans to return to work within a month, according to Monroe County spokeswoman Cammy Clark, who relayed County Administrator Roman Gastesi’s latest report on the finance director Friday.

“Tina was released from the hospital and is now at her home in Key West recovering,” Clark said in an email. “She is still in a lot of pain, but already is getting ‘cabin fever’ and looking forward to returning to work. No date has been set for her return, but it should be in a few weeks.”

Boan, who was still in the intensive care unit at Ryder four days after the crash, told friends she had no memory of the incident or even riding on the motorcycle, Officer Michael Edward Pettee wrote in his report.

Scardina on Friday was being held on $30,000 bond while facing one felony charge of reckless driving resulting in serious bodily injury and a misdemeanor reckless driving count for alleged property damage.

Scardina’s criminal record includes 10 prior traffic violations, including a 2013 unlawful speed conviction and a 2011 unlawful lane change, according to the county clerk. He has been arrested several times for speeding in the Keys since 2004.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen