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Weighing in on Donald Trump


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Donald Trump, a celebrity and a billionaire, has already had many chances to make America great. What has he done with his fame and his resources? By his own admission he has avoided military service, he has sent jobs overseas, and he has bought influence from elected officials. And those are just the things he has owned up to. Now he’s peddling racism, Islamophobia, and violent rhetoric. The man has not distinguished himself in any way that qualifies him to be our president, and I hope his supporters can begin to see the dangers he represents for everyone in our country.

Jeremy Glazer, Miami Beach


News commentators are still confused as to why Donald Trump is winning most of the caucuses. It is obvious that these commentators have a complete disconnect about the feelings of a large segment of the American voters.

The head of the GOP wants their candidate to be a true blue conservative like Ted Cruz. The thing is that Trump has made statements that some GOP, Independents and even Democrats have been waiting for a candidate to say. A few of his statements have been met with concerns, but nevertheless he is still at the head of the pack. Why? Because people are fed up with the same old blather that politicians say every time they want your vote.

The real problem will come at the GOP convention if Trump doesn’t have the full amount of delegates to be the nominee.

If Trump is brokered out and someone else is inserted in his place as the nominee, then those people that voted for Trump in the caucuses will withhold their votes out of protest, and the Democrats will win the 2016 election.

Mark Osman, Kendall


Our country is obsessed with Donald Trump because he is demonstrating a very typical “Revolutionary” political behavior that has worked time and again in the 20th century in countries ripe for takeover (Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Italy, Germany, Russia, various African countries, etc.).

The masses, especially lower and blue collar, easily driven by fear, hate, racism, bigotry and paranoia are being convinced by a loud, abusive, abrasive and strong leader to follow his lead. And they follow in droves, like horses to carrots, to the promised land.

Trump is a brilliant leader and he uses those tools of fear, hate, racism, bigotry and paranoia to his advantage. He has figured out how to get the blue collar and lower masses to follow his folly. And it expands from there.

Even politicians, sworn to follow the Constitution and the law of the land, have decided to follow, and even endorse, Trump instead.

This never turns out well.

Cliff Kolber, Kendall


I am not a Donald Trump for president fan. He does not act in a presidential manner nor are his antics worthy of a man of his professional success. However, I sympathize with the amount of scrutiny he faces on a daily basis.

The love/hate relationship with Trump has culminated in a variety of unfortunate situations, particularly the near melee that induced cancellation of a planned rally in Chicago. The sensationalizing of comments, most of which he made in the early stages of his candidacy and in keeping with a man who redefined reality-TV hyperbole, only leads to a level of equally exaggerated backlash. Ironically this overreaction merely strengthens his popularity and weakens the credibility of his opposition. Last night was the ultimate case in point.

Sure, Trump has made enough divisive comments and xenophobic propositions to generate a lifetime of legitimate grievances. But trying to stifle his rally with the intent to cause even more commotion is not the way to express displeasure or undermine his popularity. Hysteria only further fuels the bigotry of much of his constituency, increases his self-righteousness and reignites the “Trump against the world” media spectacle on which he feeds.

Mark Elman, Coconut Grove


Donald Trump continues his string of victories in spite of the many pundits who have decided that he is not presidential material. Trump should take comfort from an editorial that was written about another prominent Republican. “He has continued to make a fool of himself and to shame the intelligent people of this great nation. He is no more capable of being a statesman than the braying ass can become a noble lion.” These comments reflected some sizable public opinion at the time they were published in 1861 in The Salem Advocate, an Illinois newspaper, about Abraham Lincoln.

Perry Ciment, Miami Beach


Donald Trump deserves due credit for his impressive victory in Tuesday’s Florida primary, but the nominating process is not even at mid stream. Most upcoming primary states are closed to GOP voters, and award all delegates to the winner. Major recent polls by CNN, NBC/WSJ and ABC show with Sen. Marco Rubio, the last major candidate now out of the race, that Sen. Ted Cruz has the advantage.

As a Republican who supported Florida Gov. Scott’s underdog primary run in 2012, I find his attempt at stampeding Florida’s State Party towards Trump, disappointing and troubling. Principled constitutional conservatives must dig their heels in and say not only “No Governor Scott, but Hell No!” A decisive majority of Florida GOP voters, who chose other candidates on Tuesday, just did that.

The decision on our nominee belongs to the majority of GOP voters who have not yet cast ballots. Gov. John Kasich merely won Ohio as a sitting favorite son. Most of those Republicans will recognize and select the only reasonable alternative to a campaign that panders to the most primitive fears and prejudices. Sen. Ted Cruz, with a clear path to the nomination, can unite and lead the GOP to victory.

Chuck Winn, Stuart


The GOP “establishment” created the Trumpenstein monster in their lab and now the monster is not only destroying the lab (the Republican party) but has escaped and is threatening to destroy the village (our country) as well. Get your pitchforks ready folks (and by pitchforks I mean get ready to vote to save our democracy from this marauding monster).

David Schwartz, West Miami


I just learned today that if you are over 65 and have children under 18 that they too are eligible for a Social Security payment.

I just wonder if Trump is availing himself of this quirk in the law. He sure takes advantage of everything else “within” the law.

Roger Shatanof, Coral Gables