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Do you think David Beckham's soccer stadium will be a reality in Miami-Dade?

We asked the following question to readers on social media and the Public Insight Network recently: Why do you like your grocery store? Thanks for all of your responses. Below is a sampling of your comments, some of which were edited for length and clarity. Learn more about the Public Insight Network and comment on previous discussions at and select Community Conversations.

“I really hope so. I am a big soccer fan that ends up traveling to Orlando to watch MLS live.”

Mario Siervo, Miami


“I don’t think there is enough enthusiasm amongst the politicians to provide the necessary zoning variances, etc.”

Donald Thompson, Cutler Bay


“Unfortunately, it won’t be a reality. Beckham is paying his own stadium and is only asking for a tax break but our County prefers to give money away in a joker as Loria and his laughable Marlins. Move Marlins to Tropical Park and give Marlins Park to Beckham!”

Javier Zerpa, Miami


“No, because the the City of Miami and Miami-Dade commissioners will find a way to screw it up. They will make too many demands or place too many restrictions on the project, and the stadium and soccer franchise will die a slow and horrible death. Unless the commissioners get a few kickbacks, perks or campaign contributions, then it might have a chance.”

Mark Wisby, Cutler Bay


“We hope so. The failed baseball stadium shouldn’t be a drag for this project. Soccer is a growing sport and Miami should be a part of it. This is the great chance we have as a city to have a great stadium, a great promoter like Beckham and a good team playing here! Plus, the thousands of young soccer players from South Florida could find their own team to aspire to play in.”

Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, Miami


“I hope so. I think the soccer stadium should be in Doral. A good place would be the J. C. Bermudez Park and the contiguous area of the FAA where the Army wants to build houses in front of the Miami Herald building and Southern Command.”

Glauco De Paula Santos, Doral


“I, as a soccer fan, would certainly hope so; although it seems to me like it won’t be happening soon. I understand why it is a tough sell for the citizens of Miami-Dade. We are all familiar with the Marlins Stadium case. I hope Mr. Beckham, the MLS commissioner, and any partners of this venture are able to show the people of this city why a soccer team and a soccer stadium in Miami would make sense for our economy. I hope they don’t only talk about bringing soccer to Miami as an opportunity for them, and for their interests, but they talk about job creation, the economic opportunities, and bringing the passion of the sport to a city where a big part of the population are fans of teams elsewhere in the country and the world.”

Francisco Bahamonde, Miami


“Not if he expects the public to pay for it. I’m opposed to any public underwriting of sport venues, look at the white elephant we have at the Marlins stadium, 12,000 people will attend per game, right, and all the politicians parroted that lie.”

Pedro Diez, Palmetto Bay


“I hope it becomes a reality because South Florida is ready for a professional team. If the commissioners in Miami do not help or approve the project it is because they are clueless of how big the soccer community is in South Florida. Organized soccer in South Florida has hundreds of clubs with thousands of kids playing soccer at this time, bigger than many of the traditional sports like baseball or American football. Not to help make this a reality will be the biggest mistake for Miami. We are ready for real soccer and the time is now. If it is not in Miami then Beckham should explore Broward County as an option, there is plenty of land to build the best stadium in the nation.”

Mauricio Gomez, Miramar