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If you moved, what would you miss about Miami-Dade County?

We asked the following question on this week: If you moved, what would you miss about Miami-Dade County? Thanks for all of your responses. Below are some of your comments, some of which were edited for length and clarity. Learn more about the Public Insight Network at, and check back next week for another conversation.

“I’ve lived here all my life (with the exception of 11/4 years away at school in the frozen North). I’ll never move away, but if I did, I would miss my friends and the cultural scene the most.”

Sara Leviten, North Miami


“I’d miss all of the languages and cultural color. I’d miss the insane tropical downpours of summer, and the cloudless blue skies of winter. I’d miss the guests who love visiting me here and our 31/2 hour drive over turquoise to Key West. But maybe most of all, I’d miss the tropical forest at 53 NE 107th St. and all the feathered, scaled and furred critters that visit it. I’d miss my swaying palms, satin leaf and sea grape, my crotons, orchids and bromeliads. I’d miss the monarchs and the zebras, the fritillaries and the julias, and everything else that paints my little tropical spot in vivid, living colors.”

Doug Garber, Miami Shores


“Dade County has been my home since 1970 and today’s Miami-Dade is not the same as those in the earlier days. But what makes Miami-Dade unique is that everything has an international mix. Miami is a true melting pot, the people, the local culture, the finest cuisine, global art, music, a big city and lazy beach. Where else can you find all that along with some of the most beautiful looking people one can watch and meet?”

Ricardo Wolf, Aventura


“The food, la chusmeria, the overall atmosphere … Los gringitos no tienen la misma rumba que existe aqui en Miami. I’ll miss it so much. Y claro, el spanglish too!”

Patricia Diaz, Miami


“Dancing when the music comes on. Because apparently, elsewhere, music is ‘just be there for ambience.’ Still not sure what that means.”

Ximena Aliaguilla, Miami Lakes


“Not the plastic surgery enhanced bodies, not the hustlers on South Beach, not even the sun or the beach, and certainly not the Heat or the Dolphins. The only thing that keeps me tied to Miami-Dade are the manatees that live in my backyard.”

Gary Rosenberger, Miami Beach


“I would miss its multicultural population. I love to hear different languages, people from different countries and different races. The wonderful city lights of Miami Downtown, the international beach flavor of South Beach and of course, I would miss the beautiful Miami weather. After living here for 25 years it is very difficult to think about living in cold weather again.”

Domenica Brazzi, Miami Beach


“The diversity of people is always an attraction to me being born in NYC. My childhood was a gift to me. The part of the Bronx I grew up in was special. I had a German friend, Irish, Jewish, Black, Chinese, Italians and other ’Ricans. This experience gave me the strength of not being judgmental of a person’s race or nationality. Miami Beach is very much the sixth borough of NYC.”

Michael Garcia, Miami Beach


“I moved out of Miami two years ago — just a little bit north to Palm Beach County — but I miss the style and culture of Miami. I miss that feeling that you are “in the middle of it all” when you step out your front door. There is more style, better food and the events have more grandeur in Miami. Though I still enjoy the benefits of living in Delray Beach, these aspects unique to Miami are notably missed.”

Danielle Tworek, Delray Beach


“I did, in fact, move away last year, so I know exactly what I miss about Miami-Dade County. Obviously, I miss my family and friends. Having grown up in a Hispanic family along with a close network of friends from middle and high school, moving alone to a new city away from Miami is more difficult than I expected. I miss the Cuban coffee. I miss studying at FIU. I miss Chicken Kitchen and Pollo Tropical. I miss hearing people speak Spanish. I miss the beach. I miss watching the Heat and the Dolphins with my friends on the weekends.”

Rolando Carol, Montgomery, Alabama