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He’s accused of threatening the LGBT community on Facebook. Now he’s in jail

Mugshot of Craig Jungwirth, taken into custody by the FBI after threatening mass Labor Day violence to Wilton Manors LGBT community.
Mugshot of Craig Jungwirth, taken into custody by the FBI after threatening mass Labor Day violence to Wilton Manors LGBT community. Federal Bureau of Investigation

A man accused of threatening violence in a Facebook post against the LGBT community in Wilton Manors has been arrested, the FBI said Sunday.

Craig Jungwirth, 50, was charged with threatening communications and is in federal custody in the Seminole County Jail. His first court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday at the federal courthouse in Orlando.

The threatening communications charge covers using interstate commerce to threaten physical injury to another person.

The Facebook posts to Jungwirth’s page read:

“My events are selling out because you (gay slur) are total patsies. None of you deserve to live. If you thought the Pulse nightclub shooting was bad, wait till you see what I have planned for Labor Day.”

“You can never catch a genius from MIT and since you (gay slur) aren’t dying from AIDS anymore, I have a better solution to exterminate you losers.”

“I’m gonna be killing you (gay slur) faster than cops kill (racial slur). It’s time to clean up Wilton Manors from all you AIDS infested losers.”

Jungwirth is an MIT graduate who lives with his mother in Orlando, according to the arrest warrant. That city remains in recovery from the June 12 tragedy at Pulse that saw 49 people die after a gunman opened fire inside the club, then got into shootout with police.

The FBI warrant says when approached outside his mother’s home on Wednesday by agents, Jungwirth refused to look at a printout of the Facebook posts, denied making them and told agents to speak to him through his lawyer.

Broward Court records say Jungwirth was evicted from an apartment at 3017 Alhambra St. in Fort Lauderdale in March.

That’s one of several places Jungwirth’s name appears in recent Broward County court records. In addition to another eviction, this one from 100 NE 23rd St. in Wilton Manors in February 2014, six restraining orders have been filed against him for domestic violence or stalking violence since December 2013.

The most recent of those, July 12, was filed by the same person who reported Jungwirth’s Facebook post to the Wilton Manors Police Department. That person alleged an electronic carpet-bombing of harassment from Jungwirth — text messages, Facebook messages, phone calls, threats to family and business associates, false reports to the police, false social media accounts using the person’s name and face.

The current arrest warrant alleges two club owners told the FBI they’ve increased security because of Jungwirth. They said he promotes himself as an event and party promoter.

In 2014, a former employer, Matrix Systems, gained a permanent injunction against Jungwirth setting foot on its property or within 500 feet of five particular employees and required him to surrender weapons to the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Jungwirth responded to a firing with behavior that included threats of violence, fake service calls to Matrix, truculence in the return of company property and video surveillance of employees.

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