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Escaped Broward murder suspect caught, put in isolation at jail

Murder suspect flees Broward County courthouse

A video shows murder suspect Dayonte Resiles exiting the stairwell of the Broward County Courthouse on Friday, July 15, 2016.
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A video shows murder suspect Dayonte Resiles exiting the stairwell of the Broward County Courthouse on Friday, July 15, 2016.

Dayonte Resiles, charged with first-degree murder, stood in a courtroom Thursday for the first time since he made his escape from the Broward County Courthouse a week ago. Bond judge Michael Davis eliminated the chance of a summer rerun.

No bond. No communication with other inmates. No communication with people outside the jail, aside from his lawyers. Isolation.

After being on the run since last Friday, Resiles made it all of 50 miles from the courthouse. The Broward Sheriff’s Office, with help from Palm Beach County and West Palm Beach law enforcement, caught him in Room 149 ($76 a night) of the West Palm Beach Days Inn.

Detectives followed tips that led them to the motel, where they staked it out before moving in. He was taken back to the Broward jail, where he was surrounded by a group of deputies.

“Our SWAT team ordered him out of the room,” Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said. “He came out of the room and surrendered without incident.”

After that, investigators searched the room.

In bond court, Resiles, 21, protested that Davis’ isolation order was “unconstitutional.”

“As far as my immediate family, how would they know about my well-being or if something’s wrong with me or if I’m mentally disturbed or going through anything, how would I be able to converse or talk with them?”

Davis responded to Resiles by ordering a mental health evaluation by one of the psychiatrists at the jail. Resiles’ lead defense attorney on most of his now seven cases against him argued that such an evaluation could be used against his client. Davis said that Resiles raised the mental health issue, so the exam order was kept.

According to Broward sheriff’s detectives, here is how the seven people accused of helping Resiles escape operated: Murder suspect Walter Hart III helped Resiles out of shackles. Twins Kretron and Tre’Von Barnes were in the courtroom signaling to Resiles and, via cellphone, to getaway car drivers La’Quay Stern and Winston Russell. Paige Jackson, 18, played telephone operator in the planning stages. And a Resiles cousin, Francine Mesadieu, 31, is accused of providing a makeover to help Resiles elude police.

Jackson and Mesadieu were arrested Wednesday. Mesadieu, two months into a two-year probation off a grand theft conviction, was denied bond Thursday on a charge of accessory after the fact. She gave Resiles a wig, eye-color-altering contacts and clothes Sunday, according to an arrest affidavit.

If Jackson, who is pregnant, makes $50,000 bond on charges of escape and the same accessory charge the other six face, she’ll be put on house arrest.

Resiles, Jackson’s arrest affidavit says, placed 15 calls to Jackson’s number from BSO Department of Corrections in the July 4-7 period. The recordings of those calls, detectives say, revealed Jackson would then arrange a chain of calls to others, including numbers registered to those already accused of being involved in the escape. Detectives believe the escape was planned during these phone calls.

The Days Inn where Resiles was found alone was surrounded by yellow police tape early Thursday. Resiles got a ride back to Broward and to the jail about 5 a.m., surrounded by more than a dozen deputies.

“We had a man on trial for murder,” Sheriff Israel said. “The state attorney is seeking the death penalty. It doesn’t get more serious than that."

Before his escape, Resiles was charged with the 2014 death of Jill Halliburton Su, who was found stabbed to death inside her Davie home.

Resiles was set to appear in a fourth-floor courtroom at 9:30 a.m. last Friday for a judge to determine whether the death penalty would be on the table if he were convicted. Before the hearing, Resiles took off his shackles, jumped out of his jail jumpsuit, ran out of the jury box, changed clothes and managed to get away through a back courthouse door.

On Sunday, BSO announced the arrest of four people who police say helped Resiles escape. Wednesday morning’s announcement of a fifth arrest, charging still-incarcerated murder suspect Walter Hart III with accessory after the fact of a first-degree felony, accompanied a bump in the reward for a tip leading to Resiles’ capture to $50,000.

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