Broward County

Accused of sex with inmates, 2 Broward jail employees arrested

Genise Cisnow and Tara Clark
Genise Cisnow and Tara Clark

Two Broward jail employees are in trouble after being accused of sexual contact with two inmates.

Tara Clark, 37, and Genice Cisnow, 26, are under arrest and facing official misconduct charges.

A tip prompted an undercover investigation , which revealed the twowomen were spending countless hours socializing and engaging in sex acts with two male inmates during their midnight shifts.

Investigators said Cisnow, who worked in the control room as a technician meant to monitor inmate activities and ensure the officers’ safety, allowed an inmate inside the secured control room.

Clark was supposed to conduct inmate checks, inspections and keep a head count, but was instead spending time in a hallway with another inmate, according to authorities.

Authorities said the two would then falsify their work log to show that they conducted the required work.

The two inmates involved are behind bars for crimes including strong-armed robbery, robbery with a firearm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and escape.

“As sheriff, I am disappointed to think they tarnished the badge,’ Said Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. This was a serious security breach and these women could have been hurt. Other inmates could have been hurt.”

Deputies said when the two women were confronted about the incidents, they both admitted to inappropriate contact but said they did not have sexual intercourse with the inmates. They also acknowledged it could have resulted in a serious security breach.

Cisnow and Clark have been suspended without pay.