Broward County

Box cutters, talk of voodoo, evil spirits: marital discord in a Babies R Us parking lot

George Hernandez
George Hernandez Broward Sheriff's Office

George Hernandez thought his wife was working voodoo and evil spirits on him. His solution in a strip mall parking lot left her in serious condition after being stabbed enough times that a box cutter blade broke.

That's according the arrest report for the 53-year-old Hernandez, whom police took into custody upon arriving at 7350 W. Commercial Blvd. on Tuesday afternoon. Hernandez is in Broward County jail on a first-degree attempted murder charge.

Lillian Manante, 50, was taken to Broward North Medical Center with six stab wounds and lacerations to the upper torso.

According to the arrest report, Hernandez called Manate around 1 p.m., asking to meet to talk about their marriage. But, the report says, he "stated several times in a taped interview, he wanted to and intented to kill the victim."

Before police got to the scene, witnesses told police, he said she was "putting voodoo on him and having evil spirits."

Lauderhill police Lt. Mike Santiago said witnesses told police the couple was arguing in a parked car. Hernandez took out a box cutter and attacked Manante. As bystanders called police, Manante scampered from the Nissan Murano with Hernandez in pursuit. One witness described Hernandez straddled a face-down Manante, stabbing her as she screamed for help. Two witnesses eventually interrupted Hernandez's attack as police arrived.

Cops saw blood on the passenger side door, blood pooled on the ground outside the passenger side door and blood covering a box cutter with a broken blade.

The attack interrupted the Going Out of Business Sale at the strip mall's Babies R Us.