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The 11-year-old knew the TSA agent as a family friend. Then, he asked about her nipples.

Gary Linder
Gary Linder Broward Sheriff's Office

A Fort Lauderdale TSA agent asked an 11-year-old the color of her nipples, to shower with him and for photos of herself masturbating, a federal court criminal complaint says.

Fort Lauderdale's Gary Linder, 27, had his initial court appearance Thursday in Fort Lauderdale to face charges of attempted production of child pornography and sending obscene material to a minor.

In the criminal complaint, a Plantation police detective assigned to the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force wrote an 11-year-old knew Linder from his friendship with her family and visits to their house. She gave him her phone number by Jan. 2 and, on Jan. 10, requested his photo to include with her phone contacts.

But on Feb. 18, the complaint says, Linder got more personal than his photo with text messages such as "Have you hit puberty yet?,'' ''Well, who knows how you're gonna develop?" "Lol you might grow some big boobies," and ''What color are your nipples?''

The girl's father reported this to the Plantation police on Feb. 19. By Feb. 20, when Linder thought he was messaging the 11-year-old, he was communicating with an undercover agent.

Over the next month and a half, the complaint says, Linder's texts to an 11-year-old formed the foundation of the charges against him . He texted instructions (with pornographic visual aids) on how to masturbate; requests for her to take selfies while she was shirtless or masturbating; questions about coming over during her Spring Break to shower with him (and wash his penis).

Linder texted a plan to tell the girl's parents they were going to Publix, but instead indulge in mutual fondling in the car. Linder and the undercover officer agreed on a meeting plan for the next day, April 4. The undercover agent told Linder to show up at the park with two glazed donuts.

Around 4 p.m., Linder showed up with the donuts and found cops. The factual statement in support of pre-trial detention describes what ensued:

"In summary fashion, Linder told law enforcement that he was texting an 11-year-old child for the past two months and identified the child by name that is Victim 1. Linder admitted to using phone number...that was previously identified as communicating with the (undercover officer). Linder admitted to texting Victim 1 in a sexual manner and directing her to produce and transmit digital photographs of herself that were sexually explicit. Linder admitted that he wanted to meet Victim 1 for a sexual encounter.

"Linder also advised law enforcement that he is attracted to young girls between the ages of 6 years old to 14 years old. Linder also indicated that he had been communicating with several other minors in addition to who he believed was Victim 1. One minor was 16 years old and the other was 14 years old."

Then, the statement says, he gave a written confession.