Broward County

Deputy punished after son used his patrol car to harass an ex and her new boyfriend

Lt. David Combs, left, and Christopher Combs.
Lt. David Combs, left, and Christopher Combs. Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and Broward Sheriff’s Office

The age-old “Dad, can I borrow the car?” took on a new dimension last fall when the son of a Palm Beach sheriff borrowed his pop’s patrol car under false pretenses and used it to follow and pull over his ex-girlfriend and her current beau.

Now, the father is paying for his son’s actions, the Palm Beach Post reports.

On Friday, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office suspended Lt. David Combs, citing him for violating department policy after he said he had let his son use his unmarked car routinely since 2016 — generally just to fill it up with gas. Combs also permanently lost use of the take-home car, according to West Palm Beach’s WPTV,

But in October 2017, his son Christopher Combs, who was at the time a PBSO cadet, was arrested and charged with robbery, false imprisonment, and impersonating a law enforcement officer. The 23-year-old lost his cadet job after PBSO found out about the arrest.

Broward County deputies say the younger Combs used his father’s patrol car, with its red and blue lights flashing, to pull over his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend after the couple had left a lake in the Pompano Beach area.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Christopher Combs made his ex’s new boyfriend walk toward the patrol car with his arms up and get on the ground and empty his pockets. A passenger in Combs’ car then removed the boyfriend’s property.

Christopher Combs is still awaiting a trial.

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