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The car at school pick-up looked suspicious — even before tissues flew out a window

Jesus Acanda
Jesus Acanda

After police found Jesus Acanda in his driver’s seat with pants unbuttoned, Broward Sheriff’s Office says, he told several stories about why he’d been hanging around school pick-up spots and playgrounds in his car.

Finally, BSO says, Acanda admitted he’d been masturbating while watching kids playing.

Investigators weren’t surprised — they’d seen two tissues fly out the window as they approached the car at 2600 Pine Island Rd.

Acanda, a North Miami-Dade resident, was arrested on charges of prowling/loitering and was still in jail on $5,000 bond as of early Thursday evening.

In 2010 he was convicted of trespassing in a school safety zone; lewd and lascivious behavior and indecent exposure charges were dropped. A lewd and lascivious charge from 2001 was also dropped.

Around 3 p.m. Monday, a deputy working undercover burglary detail saw a green Nissan Altima park on a corner near Pioneer Middle School, 5350 SW 90th Ave., in Cooper City. No big deal. Cars formed lines for school pick-up.

But an hour later, when the deputy saw the same car near another school, he thought it was too unlikely to be a coincidence. He saw the car cruising up and down the streets around Cooper City Elementary, 5080 SW 92nd Ave. — 1.2 miles from Pioneer.

The deputy followed the Nissan into a nearby apartment complex. He noticed the driver would stop when he saw children. He saw the driver stare at a 12- to 14-year-old girl walking along Southwest 90th Avenue so long that the Nissan almost hit the curb. Later, the Nissan swung into a bus safety zone to crawl past a teenage girl at the bus stop.

A BSO sergeant in a marked car stopped Acanda’s car at 2600 Pine Island Rd.

“As soon as the vehicle came to a stop, the driver/defendant Jesus Acanda threw two pieces of tissue paper out the passenger side window and was fastening his belt buckle,” the deputy wrote. “I observed that his fly was partially up and his pants were not buttoned. The tissue papers had a substance on it that was consistent with nasal mucus or semen.”

In his first interview with police, he claimed he got lost coming from a junkyard because his jealous girlfriend distracted him on the phone. But in the second interview, according to the arrest report, he confessed.

“He changed his story a few times and admitted to masturbating in front of the middle school and he knew that kids were in the area.”

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