Broward County

Police: Mother blames Postpartum depression for trying to kill her baby

When Cayden Armour was about 2 months old, his mother said she gave him adult cough syrup and tried to smother him with a pillow. Cayden survived.

On Tuesday, Cayden’s mom, Inakesha S. Armour, tossed the infant into a Miramar lake after telling her mother she was going to visit a neighbor, police said. Cayden already was “turning blue” when his mother fished him out of the water, she later told police.

Now Cayden — whose name means fighter— is fighting for his life in Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood.

Armour, 33, is facing two counts of attempted murder and is being held without bond at the Broward County Jail.

Her son is likely to be placed in state care. The Department of Children & Families will ask a judge Thursday to shelter the infant for his protection.

Armour told police she suffered from postpartum depression and “has thought about doing harm to the victim on a daily basis.”

Details of the tragedy play out in a four-page arrest report released Wednesday by Miramar police, who paint a picture of an anguished mother who says she wants to die.

Police say they haven’t been called to the family’s home before Tuesday.

Armour’s family said Wednesday they knew the new mom had been going through difficult times after Cayden’s birth. Her family indicated she had received treatment after the baby was born.

“She had been going through all this stress after having the kid, we can only pray for her,” said Armour’s uncle, Penrhyn Brooks, who lives in Turks & Caicos.

“I’m just hoping that the child that he comes through,” he said. “Whatever happens right now it’s in the hands of the law and the Lord.”

A nurse driving through the Miramar neighborhood might have saved Cayden’s life.

She saw the baby in the grass on the bank of a lake with a woman close by — and something just didn’t look right.

So she called police.

In the 911 call, Maureen Brown told the operator “it looks like the baby was in water.”

“The baby is on the ground,” she said in a worried voice that turned to panic. “The baby is not breathing.”

Brown later told police that Armour said, “Call my husband, I just killed my baby.”

Brown waved down Brian Jean, who was driving by. Jean told police that Armour used his phone to call her husband, Conlan Armour.

Jean told police that he overheard Armour say, “I did it again, you need to get over here.”

According to the report, Armour told Jean “I killed my baby, my life is over.”

When Miramar officers arrived on Southwest 54th Court in the sprawling Riviera Isles community, they found a chaotic scene.

Miramar police spokeswoman Tania Rues said Wednesday that “fortunately we had this good Samaritan that is a nurse stop by and render aid.”

“It is because of her actions the baby is still alive,” she said.

Police have only said that Armour blames postpartum depression.

Kenneth Johnson, the chair and professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, said postpartum depression is fairly common but it varies in degrees.

Severe depression, he said, is less common, but could “cause a woman to be aggressive and exercise poor judgment.”

“Education is the key here,” he said, adding that it is important that family members and new mothers understand and acknowledge signs that may include not wanting to get out of bed or have anything to do with a baby.

He said postpartum depression might begin right away or even months into the baby’s life.

For Armour, the anticipation of having a baby was a joyous occasion. Before her son’s birth, a video posted on YouTube shows a loving family eager for Cayden’s arrival.

“It’s a boy,” a voice cheerfully coos as sonogram images of baby Cayden, still inside his mother, flash on the screen.

The nearly 10-minute video tells the love story of Inakesha and Conlan, who met at a South Florida barbershop where Conlan was working at the time. On the video, messages from family and friends wish the pair an easy pregnancy and blessed new beginning. Pictures show little shoes, a red onesie and a loving couple.

The video ends with Inakesha talking to her bulging belly: “Cayden, say goodnight to Daddy.”