Broward County

Cameras show restricted views of Fort Lauderdale runway construction

An estimated $1 million a day are being spent in the expansion of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport during 2013.

But now, everyone will be able to witness exactly how the money is being spent.

The airport has recently installed three cameras that take pictures every 15 minutes of the different views of the future elevated runway.

One camera overlooks the construction of the future tunnels over U.S. 1 and the Florida East Coast Railway. The second camera shows the midsection of the runway. The third camera provides a west view of the runway. The pictures give an opportunity to view areas that are restricted to the public.

“This will give unique perspective of the largest project in the country,” said Greg Meyer, Public Information Officer for the Broward County Aviation Department.

The pictures can be viewed at and can be zoomed in or out, moved up or down and are automatically updated every 15 minutes, even at night.

“We wanted to do these constriction cameras from the beginning and it took a long time planning it,” said Meyer, who confirms the $791 million project is expected to finish around September of 2014.

The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport construction includes lengthening a runway that will raise about six stories over U.S. 1 and the railroad tracks to the east of the airport.

Drivers will pass under the runway and planes will take off and land on its sloped surface.

Through the pictures, people will gradually be able to see almost every aspect of the construction.