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Video: Hollywood police seek fatal hit and run driver caught on camera

The Hollywood Police Department is searching for the person responsible for a deadly hit and run accident and they want the public’s help.The accident took place on Friday, May 13th at 9:18 p.m. on the Sheridan Street draw bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway, just west of A1A in Hollywood.

A bicyclist, identified as Willmar Galeano, of Pembroke Pines, was riding his bike over the bridge when a white van hit him from behind. Cameras mounted on the bridge captured the impact and the van driving away.

“The guy struck this person that was riding the bicycle,” Hollywood Police Department. Lt. Norris Redding said “He went some three feet in the air over a railing and landed on the other side of the bridge. Another two feet, he would have been over the bridge and into the water.”

Galeano was seriously hurt and taken to Memorial Regional Hospital where he died of his injuries two days later.Police have now released the surveillance video and 911 calls hoping someone will recognize the van and lead to the driver’s arrest. The calls revealed the chilling last moments for Galeano.

“Oh my God, he had one breath and now he’s nothing,” said the 911 caller. “He’s not breathing, no.”

If you take a close look at the video on the top right, you can see there was a man fishing. Police are seeing if he can give them any clues into who may be have been behind the wheel of that van, which now likely has damage to the right side.

“I been watching that video all day today and it’s really disgusting how he did it,” said Will Galeano’s brother Carlos. “This is a person, this is a human that they killed, they didn’t kill an animal, they killed a human.”

“At this point we don’t know if it was a female or male,” Redding said. “We don’t know their race, or ethnicity. We have no information on the driver of that vehicle. “

Bike riders in the area told CBS4′s Ted Scouten that even though cars and bikes are supposed to share the road, many choose to stay on the sidewalk.

“I can’t count them (close calls),” said cyclist Deborah Sharp. “I’ve been riding a long time around here and I can’t count how many close calls.”

The van is described as a newer model, white or light colored, Chevy passenger van (possibly the Express model) with high-mounted rear taillights. The van may have damage to the front right bumper, grill and headlight area.Carlos is hoping that by now, the person in the tape will realize what they did and do the right thing.

“His conscience have to be killing him right now,” Carlos said. “I’m sure in the last couple days, he probably got no sleep and I hope it stays like that until you turn yourself in.”

If you recognize the van or have any information about the accident, please call the Hollywood Police Department at (954) 967-HELP, the Traffic Homicide Unit at (954) 967-4570, or Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS.