Broward County

Michael Dippolito's testimony continues today in murder-for-hire trial

Michael Dippolito is expected to testify most or all of day as the murder-for-hire trial of his wife continues today.

Dalia Dippolito, 28, faces 30 years in prison of convicted of solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

In opening statements Tuesday, Dalia Dippolito's lawyer, Michael Salnick, told jurors that the plot to hire a hit man actually was a hoax conceived by her husband in an attempt to land on a reality TV show.

Assistant State Attorney Elizabeth Parker told jurors in her opening statements that the murder plot was real. Dalia Dippolito was videotaped by police setting up the killing with a hit man who actually was a Boynton Beach police officer.

A panel of six jurors and two alternates are hearing testimony in the trial, which is expected to continue for two weeks.

The police videotapes became an Internet sensation, and are still playing on YouTube.