Broward County

Police nab jewelry store burglary suspect

A would be jewelry thief didn’t get very far after shooting out a Hollywood store’s front window early Wednesday morning.

Hollywood police said it happened at Minebender Jewelers located at the Hollywood Mall on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Park Road. An armed man reportedly fired several rounds into the window, then smashed out some of the remaining glass so he could grab handfuls of jewelry and watches which were on display. Police said the store was not open at the time.

The man then took off on foot north on Park Road. Police set up a perimeter at Johnson Street and detained several people. Hollywood police spokesman Lt. Norris Redding said in an effort to escape, the armed man ran into a home and then out the back. Officers caught up with him in minutes. Several people who witnessed the burglary positively identified him to police who took the man into custody.

Police have not released the man’s name or the amount of jewelry taken.

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