Broward County

Father who beat son's alleged molester gets probation

A father charged with beating the man who molested his child was sentenced to four years probation after pleading guilty to felony battery charges.

“It wasn’t right what I did. Wish I could take it back.” said Vega who now wishes he had handled things differently.

Vega and co-defendant, Krish Carter, pleaded guilty to a third degree felony battery. Both men received probation, Vega four years and Carter three, after their lawyers struck a deal late last night.

“Had he been convicted at trial he’d be looking at a minimum of 15 years in prison to a max of 30.” said Vega’s defense attorney, Russell Williams.

In October 2009, Vega and Carter were accused of aggravated battery in the brutal beating of Luke Petruscke. Vegas’ three year-old son told his father that Petruske, a former family friend, had molested him. The men pounded Petruske in the head multiple times with a cinder block, nearly killing him. Today, Vega faced the accused molester in court. “

I tried not to look at him. He did something wrong. I can’t forgive himnext time let the system work. He’ll get what he deserves.”

The boy’s mother, Danielle Curzio, is relieved to have the matter behind them. “It’s a big weight lifted off our shoulders We don’t have to worry about ‘Is Daddy gonna go to jail this month’ or not. We’re happy with the outcome.”

Now, Vega is looking forward to spending Christmas with his son. “”To me Christmas is all about your children, that means a lot to me for being there for my son”, said Vega.

Meanwhile, Petruscke is still in jail and faces as he awaits trial for charges of lewd and lascivious molestation of Vega’s son, who is now four years old.

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